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Australian innovation
for sustainable futures

BIOCARBON is an innovative Australian company, producing valuable renewable carbon products from low value biomass streams using various Advanced Manufacturing technologies to meet commercial requirements.

BIOCARBON undertakes project development and manufacturing of high value products - biochar, pyroligneous acid, bio oil and syngas for industrial and agricultural applications - from woody agricultural waste (typically ten times value addition based on feed cost and product revenues).

Substituting Fossil Carbon.
Advanced manufacturing of renewable carbon and energy products for industrial applications.

Regenerative Agriculture.
Advanced manufacturing of pyroligneous acid, carbon rich fertilisers and carbon based feedstocks as a substitute for synthetic chemicals for promoting regenerative agriculture.

....BIOCARBON attracts Government support to trial a new innovative renewable carbon product for green steelmaking.....Commercial trials in collaboration with Molycop planned to demonstrate benefits to domestic and international steelmakers .....This BIOCARBON project is supported by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources through the Accelerating Commercialisation Program.....

We produce a number of products that have a broad application and benefits for many sectors, practices and businesses and are applicable to multiple industries.

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Rich carbon fuel replacement commodities.

Sustainable carbon products & renewable energy.


Products to help you grow.

Our products reduce chemical inputs and sequestrate carbon.


We manage an expanding integrated network of assets and partners across Australia.

BIOCARBON Partners decrease their costs, increase their sustainable practices and create additional revenue streams.


We’re a certified carbon removal supplier.

Products we manufacture can substantially reduce CO2 emissions. Our certified carbon credits can be used for offsetting your business carbon footprint.

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