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Our activities and processes
can be summarised in the following way.

We’re an Australian company, innovative and focused on technologies and products that are assisting a variety of
industries transform to sustainable practices.

We take Wasted Biomass Resources
Organic waste like woodchip from Arborist waste, Sawmill waste, Green waste and Agricultural residue

Biocarbon is a Manufacturer of products
We feed green waste like woodchip into our bio-mass converter, producing a number of products that harness innovative advanced manufacturing technologies, transforming what was waste into products.

Our Products include
BioCarbon, Bio-oil & Wood Vinegar
Our products have practical application for Agriculture and Industry.

for Industry

We produce Biocarbon Products, Bio-Oil and Bio Char that can be applied today and have many economic and Practical Benefits for Industry.

Our Biocarbon products are used for direct replacement of fossil fuel in heavy industry.

Our Bio-char can be used as Inputs in cement, bitumen, filtration and manufacturing.

Our Green Steel Project is Federally funded and reducing emissions in EAF steel.


for Agriculture

We produce a number of products, Bio-Char and Wood Vinegar that can be applied today to benefit agricultural practice, reducing chemical inputs and sequestrating carbon.

The practical applications of our products extend to Stockfeed to reduce methane emissions, as a Fertiliser sequestrating carbon and improving soils. Our products contribute to Sustainable Agriculture by reducing synthetic chemical dependency.

Our operations are expanding as we scale our manufacturing capabilities and commoditise our product range supporting industries transitioning to more sustainable inputs and practices.

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Head Office 
PO Box 140
Bulahdelah NSW 2423 Australia